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Your Next Summer Ball Hockey League

Welcome to the Ottawa Ball Hockey League. Summer 2018 is rapidly approaching so register soon to lock up a spot!! We play on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

The goal of the OBHL is to maintain a balance of competitive play along with safety and sportsmanship. We provide our members with a professionally-run organization that offers two on-floor officials each game, and easy access to online schedules and statistics.




Some Quick Tips:

Teams have 5 minutes from the start of their game to field a team or a  forfeit win will be awarded to the other team. Teams require 6 players on the floor in order to start. Four (4) of those players MUST be roster players, and a MAXIMUM of 3 pickups can be ‘borrowed’ from another team.

Important Rules:

1. Shooting the ball from your own end directly out of play (anywhere in the Dome including over the glass, the benches, etc) will result in a warning for the player. The next time that player shoots the ball out of play they will receive a delay of game penalty. This rule is due to the running time, and players who shoot the ball out of play to kill the clock.


2. Sliding into a player to block a shot is a penalty, irregardless of whether you hit the ball first. Depending on the dangerous nature of the play, the player will be penalized accordingly if they make contact or trip up the ball carrier.


3. Verbal abuse of the officials will not be tolerated. Players are welcome to question or comment directly to the officials in a mature fashion, but any abusive language or attitude will result in additional penalties and possible suspensions.



Any player caught with alcohol in the dressing room, parking lot, or anywhere on the Bell Dome property will receive an immediate 2 game suspension and their team captain will also receive a 2 game suspension and $50 fine. No alcohol allowed on the property as complaints have been lodged. Please inform your players.

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